Portland’s West End is where it’s at

We love our new neighborhood.

First of all, there’s Grüner. Delicious food. DELICIOUS FOOD. Incredible staff. And a deluxe new bar with plenty of cured meats (my favorite kind!) If you haven’t been, you need to go. It’s a great experience and a special treat. (Be sure to ask for a pretzel roll!)

And then there’s Grüner’s neighbor, Alder & Co. There’s literally nothing in this shop that I don’t want. From luxe blankets to beautiful candlesticks to perfect kitchen items, Alder & Co. is kind of like my home away from home. Carla & Rebecca deliver amazing service - you won’t be sorry you stopped in (although your bank account might be!)

And then there’s Grüner’s other neighbor - Gold + Arrow - a salon to end all salons! This place is gorgeous - you kind of have to see it to believe it. (When you pop in for a glamorous makeover, be sure to say hello to salon owner Gretchen! She and Mr. Saint Cupcake are childhood friends. How cute!)

And then, kitty-corner to all the above magicalness (that’s a word, right?), is Canoe. You know Canoe. This gem of a shop is always in some magazine - their highly curated wares (and incredible selection of Heath Ceramics) make my heart happy. My latest find? This nifty Japanese match strike. Ours lives by our fireplace.

And these great businesses just scratch the surface of the other delights the West End has to offer.

Woonwinkle will blow your mind with its selection of useful yet fanciful finds.
Odessa will have you dressed looking your best. And so will Issac Hers. And Frances May, too!
Cacao sells our favorite baking chocolates.
Chef Naoko makes lunch.
The Ace Hotel has beds.

Come and spend some time in our ‘hood! And stop by for a sweet treat and an espresso. Or seven sweet treats and a glass of milk. It’s your call.

We’re waiting for you!