Spring is Springing…right?

Each year I need about a week to recover from Valentine’s Day. In my dreams this week is, basically, a staycation (I do laundry, clean out the fridge, reorganize my office. I find all of the clothes in my kid’s closet that are two years too small for him and donate them. I take sweaters to the dry cleaner. I stock my freezer with soups. I sleep.) I fantasize about this leisure time like most people dream about a week on the beaches of Hawaii. I know what you’re thinking. (I’m crazy.) And it’s true. I’m pretty much only accustomed to working. When given the choice of relaxing on a beach or organizing my home closets, I’ll always pick the closets. 

This, er, personality trait is handy when you’re running a business. It’s even handier when you run a business that relies on your ability to continuously come up with new candies and treats and flavors for your hungry bakery fanatics. (See, it’s totally fine that I’m a freak. I can blame it on work!)

Spring is around the corner and instead of resting I’m putting the finishing touches on a couple of new recipes. Coffee & orange caramels with smoked salt (inspired by LucLac.) Buttered popcorn caramels (inspired by how much I miss going to the movies.) New flavors of Sour Supremes (cherry and lemon.) And a black tea ice cream that will be sandwiched between sparkly lemon butter cookies. 

We’re also getting ready for Easter. All sorts of perfect-for-your-Easter-Basket treats are in the works. Plus our always amazing packaging will be just as amazing as always. Maybe even better.

And since we’re discussing Easter I might as well push it a little and tell you that we’re working on fantastic chore coupons for Mother’s Day - mom can redeem the coupons for around-the-house chores. I can hardly wait to cash in on some laundry folding and dishwasher unloading!

Not exactly the staycation of my dreams, but at least it’s something!

Time to get back to work.

As usual, thanks for all of your support - and stay tuned for the debut of our latest creations.

- the jc

Sniffle Slayer

Now, I’m not claiming to be any sort of medical expert. No way, no how. But I do know that I have seen miracles as a result of people chugging giant steaming cups of hot cider mixed with ginger, lemon and cayenne. And while I normally steer clear of people with colds so bad that they need to subject themselves to this sweaty endeavor, this year I’ve been paying special attention to the experience. And I turned all that special attention into candy.

Behold! The Sniffle Slayer. It’s a lollipop. It contains sugar. It contains my hopes that all your colds get better. It contains cayenne pepper that makes your nose area feel less restricted. It contains ginger and lemon and honey and apple cider that make you feel like you feel better even if you don’t feel better. But at the end of the day it is indeed C A N D Y. Because, seriously people, I am not a chemical factory churning out cold remedies that are based in medical science. I am just a lady who likes sugar and who enjoys making treats for people. Especially treats that make people feel better - even for a minute.

And while there is no cure for the common cold you might as well make the journey to wellness a little more fun by picking up a Sniffle Slayer. Suck on it, stir it into hot tea. Mix it into a Hot Toddy. Whatever it takes to feel better, you know?

PS: special thank you to the WW for taking my endeavors in sugar so seriously. Whoa!

Winter Lunch Menu Revisited

Oh my goodness! We made it! We survived the holidays! (And by we I mean all of us - You! Me! Your mother in law! My mother in law! Even uncle Jeff and aunt Sue!*) It’s over!

The last of our decorations finally came down yesterday. The last of the foil-wrapped chocolate Santas were eaten last night. I’m tucking the box flaps over this holiday season and packing it away ‘til next year, and I couldn’t be happier.

Here at the bakery? The holidays are behind us and we’re focusing on making you lunch. Delicious lunches. Screw-the-resolution lunches. In-a-hurry lunches. Sit-and-stay-a-while lunches. Even I’m-on-a-diet lunches. We’ve got what your January needs.

See here:

Turkey + pear + brie + radicchio
Bacon + smoked cheddar + house aioli + cabbage
Sun dried tomato + pesto aioli + parm

Kale dressed with lemon and parmesan

Monday: red lentil & coconut (vegan)
Tuesday: Bacon and white bean with sage
Wednesday: Creamy butternut squash (vegetarian)
Thursday: Ham, bean & vegetable
Friday: Classic Tomato (vegetarian)

Plus a variety of cookies and bars to make your lunch complete (and I’ve heard a rumor that if you eat kale and a cookie at lunch the cookie doesn’t count.)

Can’t escape the office? We deliver!
Wish we could cater your next meeting? We can!

Here’s how it works:
You call us. We answer the phone. Together we discuss the options. You pay. We deliver the lunch of your dreams (complete with dessert!) It seriously could not be easier.
Mean it.

Call! Now! 503-997-3674 or 503-916-9835.

*don’t have an Uncle Jeff or an Aunt Sue? Simply remove those names and add in your own. Maybe Uncle Jerry or Aunt Debbie? Or Uncle Steve and Aunt Marsha? Or… or…


People, I am up to my elbows in sugar and butter and heavy cream. I recently introduced a line of confections at the bakery, and I have been on one long sugar high ever since. My caramels have been especially popular lately - to keep up with the demand most days of the week I’m making 60 or so…

Hey there, Saint Cupcake fans! Did you know the secrets to our famous caramels was recently published in The Oregonian? True story! Now you can make caramel at home…follow this link to the best sugar high, ever!



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Saint Cupcake’s Jami Curl and Ambonnay’s David Speer are joining forces on Thursday, December 13th to host an event full of holiday cheer. For only $45 guests will enjoy bites from Saint Cupcake and four Ambonnay sparkling pours from 7:30 until 9:30. Ladies, this is the excuse you have been looking for to buy that holiday dress and get your partner out of those rain boots!

Jami has been famously satisfying Portlanders with sweet and savory creations since 2005. Everything from her cookies and candies to brioche buns and pies are made using all natural ingredients highlighting Oregon’s bounty season to season. With over 10 years experience, noted sommelier David Speer opened Ambonnay in 2011 bringing Portland its first and only bar exclusively featuring champagne and sparkling wine. David also owns Red Slate Wine Company and works as a private sommelier helping his clients develop the personalized wine collections of their dreams.

The two join forces this holiday season as Jami prepares both sweet and savory bites while David pours four glasses of bubbles. For reservations please call Saint Cupcake at (503) 997-3674 or Ambonnay at (503) 575-4861.


107 SE Washington St
Portland, OR 97214  


Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Tiny Pies
Boizel Brut Reserve NV Champagne

Teeny Tiny Ham and Havarti Tarts with Whole Grain Mustard
RH Coutier Brut Tradition NV Champagne

Bonbonbunbuns Croquembouche
A. Margaine Demi Sec NV Champagne

Assorted Candies
Elio Perrone Bigaro 2011

introducing: twizzlie rolls

It’s no secret (well, maybe it is) that I ask my five year old kid for advice in naming new treats. He usually has some amazing ideas (after all, he is responsible for the genius that is the bonbonbunbun,) and with our latest project he has certainly outdone himself.

Behold! The Twizzlie Roll.

Our Twizzlie Rolls are a lot like that small chocolate chewy candy that can sometimes be found in the center of a lollipop. You know what I’m talking about, right? Right. Anyways, Twizzlie Rolls are like that candy mentioned above, the main difference being that Twizzlie Rolls are actually delicious. Like, so delicious that our supply of them has been hidden from me somewhere in the bakery so that I cannot find them and eat them all. 

They are the essence of chocolate with just the right amount of salt. I had dreams of this candy pretty much all night last night (and the night before.) Oh my god, someone please help me.

They’re available now at our SW store in bags of 15 candies for $8  - and they’ll be available at our SE store so so soon!

Below is a photo of the Namer in Chief of Saint Cupcake enjoying his very first Twizzlie Roll before they even had a name. Yeah, we eat candy in the car. (At least this one time we did.)

Sugar High

Candy and coffee. That’s what I had for lunch yesterday.

What’s weird is that I also had candy and coffee as my mid-morning snack AND my afternoon snack.

It wasn’t until I got home from work (and wasn’t feeling very well) that I realized I had pretty much only eaten (various types) of candy all day.

When we’re on the verge of ‘launching’ a new ‘product’ it’s easy for me to slip into a no man’s land of tunnel vision…treat after treat after treat goes into my mouth, all in the name of making sure each item is perfect (PERFECT!) before debuting in our line up of delights. What doesn’t go into my mouth? Anything else. Like, say, a sandwich. Or a piece of fruit. Or a salad. Who has time for a salad when there’s treats to eat?

Speaking of ‘launching’ and ‘product’…
…Let’s talk about CANDY!
We’re all set to introduce you to candy, Saint Cupcake style.

Debuting this week:

Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Oregon Honey with Hazelnuts, Smoked Sugar - we’re seriously in to the sticky stuff around here!

Goodie Drops!
Tiny chocolate palettes topped with various delicious delights:
White chocolate with fig, almond & coconut
Milk chocolate with spicy pecans and dried sour cherries
Dark milk chocolate with Peanut Craquelin

And speaking of Peanut Craquelin - this stuff is causing us to go B A N A N A S around the bakery. Personally, I cannot stop eating it. Like, seriously I have a problem, get this shit away from me, someone please make me stop eating this, oh my god my stomach hurts, maybe I’ll have just one more bite PROBLEM. I had no idea that peanuts and sugar could make me so crazy.

Interestingly enough, I call all of these sweet shenanigans “work”. Tough, I know.

You! You should take a break from work. Stop by. Come visit. Try some candy. We’ve been working hard to make it perfect - just for you.

And when you visit? Pay no attention to the crazy ladies behind the counter spinning in circles caused only by eating too much sugar. It might look like we’re not doing anything important, but (trust us) we’re actually working. No, really.

Melty Goods are here!

It’s July 5. Any true Oregonian knows what that means: It’s our official first day of SUMMER! 

Sun. Picnics. Olympic Provisions frankfurters* (holy mary, mother of god, if you have not had one of these yet you need to get one. NOW.) Grilled corn on the cob. Iced coffee. Giant sunglasses. Sunscreen. Sleeping with the windows open. Lemonade. Running through the sprinkler. I C E   C R E A M!

It’s the last one on the list that’s got me all crazy right now. While we are still patiently awaiting the arrival of our (handbuilt in Brooklyn) Melty Goods push-cart, we’ve got ice cream treats at both of our locations just waiting for you.

Our current best seller is the Galore-e-o Cookiewich. It’s the best Oreo cookie you’ve ever had, except it’s an ice cream sandwich. The cookies are crazy chocolately and full of flavor…and the ice cream! Vanilla bean and white chocolate. Yes, please!

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about the Galore-e-o Cookiewich, “It was the best f*cking thing I’ve ever eaten in my whole life.” We agree wholeheartedly - until we compare them to two of our other Cookiewiches:

The Strawberry Honey Cookiewich and the Roasted Banana and Coconut Milk Grahamwich. 

The Strawberry Honey Cookiewich features Oregon strawberry ice cream with a touch of Oregon wildflower honey. We bake delicious brown sugar butter cookies and sandwich the whole thing together. Refreshing and delicious, it tastes like summer!

And then there’s the Roasted Banana and Coconut Milk ice cream. I worked and worked at this recipe to eliminate any frozen banana ‘chunks’ to make sure the ice cream is as creamy as possible. We sandwich a scoop between two of our housemade graham crackers - Layer upon layer of flavor! So, so good.

Oh, and one last thing (for now): our sundae cups. We make ice cream. We make toppings. We combine them in cute cups and give them to you with a wooden spade. I have two current favorite flavors: Buttered Pecan Praline and Buttery Hazelnut & Chocolate. 

The Buttered Pecan Praline features a praline ice cream topped with Oregon sea salt roasted pecans that are then drizzled with our housemade praline sauce. I could eat this every single day and never tire of it. 

The Buttery Hazelnut & Chocolate sundae cup is filled with our chocolate-hazelnut ice cream (think Nutella, only better) and then topped with Oregon hazelnuts that are roasted in a combination of European butter and Oregon sea salt. Simply delicious.

Oh! Wait! One more sundae cup: Vanilla Bean ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and sprinkles! The ice cream is rich and creamy. But the chocolate sauce is the star: we make it using delicious Swiss chocolate and Portland’s own Water Avenue Coffee. The ice cream goes in the cup, the chocolate sauce is swirled on top then we sprinkle on a flurry of rainbow jimmies. Outrageous and nostalgic all at the same time.

Come see us. Try some Melty Goods. Let us know what you think.


People, get ready!

Summertime treats by Saint Cupcake are getting ready to make their debut!
It’s true!

—- And, as a special treat, here’s a story for you!

Anyone who really knows me knows that I have been working since the age of 12. My very first job was at the Geneva Dairy D’lite in the tiny Lake Erie town of Geneva, Ohio.

My first summer at the D’lite was filled with lots of ice cream - AND lots of impersonations of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. See, the D’lite wasn’t air conditioned and we had a very large fan in the back room to help cool things down. Being the show choir nerd that I was (yes, really,) I L O V E D singing the opening notes from “Part of Your World” into the fan. It would literally make me sound just. like. Ariel. (Freak out!!)

In between eating massive amounts of ice cream and singing Disney show tunes, I’d help customers. I’d build gigantic sundaes. I’d think up new flavor combinations and talk them up as “specials”. My favorite of the specials was a sundae made of vanilla ice cream topped with peanut butter sauce, strawberries and chopped salted peanuts. Seriously delicious. And a huge seller.

My stint at the D’Lite lasted two summers and then I graduated to the ice cream big leagues - at least for Geneva, Ohio.

Eddie’s Grill was the place to work a summer job. The Grill was opened in the 50’s by Eddie Sezon. At first it was a simple hot dog stand (food carts, eat your heart out, seriously) then it grew. And grew. And grew. Along the way my own mother worked as a counter girl at the grill. The menu expanded to burgers and fries and chili dogs and fried fish sandwiches. And then came the ice cream.

Most of what I know about the working world came from my years at Eddie’s. From relationships with coworkers to balancing customer desires in relation to the rules, it was the perfect start to my life in food.

But the ice cream was what really mattered. We were serious about it. We’d start out our mornings drawing a blueprint of the sundae we’d eat that afternoon. I learned how to do all sorts of amazing things with chocolate dip. I tested the laws of physics daily while piling vanilla soft serve on to cake cones. My right bicep will forever be stronger than my left thanks to the ungodly amount of freshly squeezed lemonade I made.

Every year when summer starts to roll around, I miss Eddie’s so much I can almost taste the peanut butter milkshakes I used to love so much. But this year I miss it just a little bit less - because of Saint Cupcake’s Melty Goods.

I’m taking some of the best flavors of my childhood and combining them with milk and cream (and sometimes chocolate!) to create summertime ice cream novelties that are destined to be universally loved (or something like that.) We’ve got push pops! Ice cream cookiewiches! Ice cream cakewiches! And a whole lot of chocolate dip that creates the most delicious outer shell - encasing our salty peanut butter ice cream and even (EVEN!) frozen toasted coconut cream cupcakes.

It’s going to be the best summer, ever.