Cookie Class for Kids!

You’ve asked. And asked. And asked!

And, after some really fun (and messy, sprinkley, sugary, hilarious) test classes, we’re ready to announce our first baking class for kids: Valentine’s Day Cookies!

Classes are taught by Saint Cupcake’s owner, Jami Curl and Saint Cupcake’s pastry studio manager, Karla Arria-Devoe. We focus on fun - we focus on hands-on instruction - and we focus on getting kids excited about baking. See? Fun!

Here are the details for our inaugural class:

Our first class is for 4 - 6 year old kids. Parents should plan to stay by their child’s side throughout the class.

Saturday February 11
2pm - 3pm
Saint Cupcake Galore - at SW 12th & Morrison
Class Fee: $50
Using Saint Cupcake’s classic butter cookie dough, students will roll, cut, stamp and bake delicious cookies. Next, armed with piping bags, students will ice and sprinkle the cookies to perfection. Finally we’ll package the cookies so that students can give them to their special Valentine.
Class includes a sweet treat and milk or juice.
Participants will receive a copy of the recipes to take home.

To secure your spot in the class, please call Saint Cupcake at 503.997.3674 or 503.916.9835. 

Valentine’s Day…the countdown is on.

Love is in the air!

We just put the finishing touches on our delightful Valentine’s Day 2012 cupcake designs - and we think you’re going to be so excited.

Hearts! Pink! Red! Hearts!

And for those of you in the anti-Valentine’s Day camp, boy oh boy do we have a treat for you! Cupcakes with BLACK HEARTS! (Don’t tell anyone, but these are my personal faves.)

In addition to cupcakes we’ve got some deeelicious treats perfect for the one you love:

  • our best selling bittersweet chocolate + sea salt cookies.
  • our extra special brownie cookies (1000 times better than a box of chocolates, trust me.)
  • our signature alder smoked chocolate chip cookies (the ideal sweet for the man in your life - really.)

PLUS! Flowers!
We’re teaming up with gorgeous flower artiste Anna Mara to create the prettiest little nosegays you’ve ever seen. Imagine showing up at her house with a box of sweet treats and gorgeous flowers - H E C K Y E A H!
And in addition to real life flowers, we’re also busy creating tissue paper bouquets proven to last forever…just like your love.

And - because all this could never be enough - we’re offering SINGING TELEGRAMS for the 5th year in a row! We’ve got an expanded song list, two teams of troubadors AND we’ve dropped our prices making this the most affordable way to melt someone’s heart known to man (this is scientifically unproven, but we’re pretty sure whoever you send a singing telegram to is going to basically pee in their pants.)

To order a singing telegram and to discuss all of our other heart-y offerings, give us a call at 503.997.3674 or 503.916.9835. We can’t wait to help you make this the best day  o’ love ever!

Portland’s West End is where it’s at

We love our new neighborhood.

First of all, there’s Grüner. Delicious food. DELICIOUS FOOD. Incredible staff. And a deluxe new bar with plenty of cured meats (my favorite kind!) If you haven’t been, you need to go. It’s a great experience and a special treat. (Be sure to ask for a pretzel roll!)

And then there’s Grüner’s neighbor, Alder & Co. There’s literally nothing in this shop that I don’t want. From luxe blankets to beautiful candlesticks to perfect kitchen items, Alder & Co. is kind of like my home away from home. Carla & Rebecca deliver amazing service - you won’t be sorry you stopped in (although your bank account might be!)

And then there’s Grüner’s other neighbor - Gold + Arrow - a salon to end all salons! This place is gorgeous - you kind of have to see it to believe it. (When you pop in for a glamorous makeover, be sure to say hello to salon owner Gretchen! She and Mr. Saint Cupcake are childhood friends. How cute!)

And then, kitty-corner to all the above magicalness (that’s a word, right?), is Canoe. You know Canoe. This gem of a shop is always in some magazine - their highly curated wares (and incredible selection of Heath Ceramics) make my heart happy. My latest find? This nifty Japanese match strike. Ours lives by our fireplace.

And these great businesses just scratch the surface of the other delights the West End has to offer.

Woonwinkle will blow your mind with its selection of useful yet fanciful finds.
Odessa will have you dressed looking your best. And so will Issac Hers. And Frances May, too!
Cacao sells our favorite baking chocolates.
Chef Naoko makes lunch.
The Ace Hotel has beds.

Come and spend some time in our ‘hood! And stop by for a sweet treat and an espresso. Or seven sweet treats and a glass of milk. It’s your call.

We’re waiting for you!

Happy New Year!

It’s a New Year. I can’t hardly believe it.

We’ve been busy around here cooking up a new lunch menu.

Yeah, you read that right. Lunch menu. A menu of lunch. A delightful menu of items you may enjoy for lunch. Eat lunch. Here. (I’m sorry. I’m acting a little weird because I made a resolution to drink more water and have - as of this moment - had 130 ounces of water today. It’s making me feel slightly tipsy.)

Anyways, lunch!

Here are the yummy details:

Monday through Friday we’ll serve two types of tarts and one delicious little number we’re calling a pocket sandwich. We fill our fresh-baked brioche rolls with tasty stuff then wrap them in a pocket of foil and bake them in a toasty oven. The result? A pocket sandwich!

In addition to the above delights we’re also making a few new salads. Today I whipped together a tasty trio of roasted beets, carrots and figs all marinated in a roasted shallot and orange vinaigrette. We put this concoction on some spinach, add in some goat cheese and  - wow - lunch is ready!

And of course, you can’t forget my favorite part of lunch - dessert! We think our cookies go perfectly with lunch. Come to think of it, so do the cupcakes. And the bonbonbunbuns…

Next time you’re here sign up on our lunch email list! We’ll send out a daily menu each morning with all the deets on lunch.

So exciting.

I’m dreaming of holiday treats…

I have these crazy dreams from time to time. In the dream I’m eating something. A lot of something. Say, dozens of doughnuts or pounds of french fries. Or bags of cookies. Or slabs of bacon. Or freezers full of ice cream. And when I wake up I notice two things:

  1. I’m overjoyed the dream wasn’t reality because, seriously, who needs to be eating dozens of doughnuts?
  2. I can still taste and feel whatever I was dreaming about in my mouth.

Last night I had the dream only in the dream I was eating pecans. Hundreds and hundreds of pecans. In the dream, enormous bowls filled with pecans were everywhere I went. And, instead of finding it strange, I just kept eating them.

When I woke up I could still feel that dry-icky-been-eating-pecans-all-night feeling in my mouth. And I also felt completely relieved that I hadn’t actually eaten 12,000 calories worth of pecans.

And then I thought about the sweet & spicy pecans we make at the bakery. And how we’re selling them in 1 lb bags. And about how perfect they’d be at your holiday cocktail party. Or as a gift for your favorite party host. Or your doorman. Or your babysitter.

And thinking about the nuts made me think about our other treats perfect for gifting during this the giftiest of seasons.

  • Our outrageous hot chocolate & mini marshmallow kit is perfect for anyone on your list - especially someone who likes to drink delicious stuff…like our outrageous hot chocolate.
  • Our decorate your own cookie kits are perfect for folks who like to get all DIY.
  • Our holiday sparkle cookie sets feature three of our best-selling holiday cookies all dressed up in festive sprinkles.

And don’t forget: we can wrap up any of our fresh baked goodies as a gift! So come on in to the bakery and cross every name off your list. (And don’t forget to pick up a treat for yourself!)

To find out more about our holiday gift offerings, give us a call at 503.997.3674 or simply stop in and pick something up!

Sparkling Holiday Delights - just waiting for you!

Hello there, Holiday Shoppers!

We’ve got all sorts of sweet treats waiting for you at the bakery! Let us help you customize the perfect gift. Call us today to start shopping: 503-916-9835.

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows:

Holiday Sparkle Cookies:

More Holiday Sparkle Cookies:

Santa Claus is coming to town - and he loves cookies!

Our signature Sweet & Spicy Nuts make an idea hostess gift!

See? We’ve got you covered! Our baking elves can figure everything out for you. Promise! But if you’d rather tackle the baking yourself, here are some great tips!