Winter Lunch Menu Revisited

Oh my goodness! We made it! We survived the holidays! (And by we I mean all of us - You! Me! Your mother in law! My mother in law! Even uncle Jeff and aunt Sue!*) It’s over!

The last of our decorations finally came down yesterday. The last of the foil-wrapped chocolate Santas were eaten last night. I’m tucking the box flaps over this holiday season and packing it away ‘til next year, and I couldn’t be happier.

Here at the bakery? The holidays are behind us and we’re focusing on making you lunch. Delicious lunches. Screw-the-resolution lunches. In-a-hurry lunches. Sit-and-stay-a-while lunches. Even I’m-on-a-diet lunches. We’ve got what your January needs.

See here:

Turkey + pear + brie + radicchio
Bacon + smoked cheddar + house aioli + cabbage
Sun dried tomato + pesto aioli + parm

Kale dressed with lemon and parmesan

Monday: red lentil & coconut (vegan)
Tuesday: Bacon and white bean with sage
Wednesday: Creamy butternut squash (vegetarian)
Thursday: Ham, bean & vegetable
Friday: Classic Tomato (vegetarian)

Plus a variety of cookies and bars to make your lunch complete (and I’ve heard a rumor that if you eat kale and a cookie at lunch the cookie doesn’t count.)

Can’t escape the office? We deliver!
Wish we could cater your next meeting? We can!

Here’s how it works:
You call us. We answer the phone. Together we discuss the options. You pay. We deliver the lunch of your dreams (complete with dessert!) It seriously could not be easier.
Mean it.

Call! Now! 503-997-3674 or 503-916-9835.

*don’t have an Uncle Jeff or an Aunt Sue? Simply remove those names and add in your own. Maybe Uncle Jerry or Aunt Debbie? Or Uncle Steve and Aunt Marsha? Or… or…