introducing: twizzlie rolls

It’s no secret (well, maybe it is) that I ask my five year old kid for advice in naming new treats. He usually has some amazing ideas (after all, he is responsible for the genius that is the bonbonbunbun,) and with our latest project he has certainly outdone himself.

Behold! The Twizzlie Roll.

Our Twizzlie Rolls are a lot like that small chocolate chewy candy that can sometimes be found in the center of a lollipop. You know what I’m talking about, right? Right. Anyways, Twizzlie Rolls are like that candy mentioned above, the main difference being that Twizzlie Rolls are actually delicious. Like, so delicious that our supply of them has been hidden from me somewhere in the bakery so that I cannot find them and eat them all. 

They are the essence of chocolate with just the right amount of salt. I had dreams of this candy pretty much all night last night (and the night before.) Oh my god, someone please help me.

They’re available now at our SW store in bags of 15 candies for $8  - and they’ll be available at our SE store so so soon!

Below is a photo of the Namer in Chief of Saint Cupcake enjoying his very first Twizzlie Roll before they even had a name. Yeah, we eat candy in the car. (At least this one time we did.)