S O U P!

We’ve dug out our favorite soup recipes from our favorite blog and are now mixing up magical pots of soup to serve to you (and you) at lunchtime.

Paired with a hunk of our housemade focaccia, you really (really) can’t go wrong! 

Here’s our lunch menu for November (no, this is not a dream. It’s REAL!)

We serve lunch Monday - Friday starting at 11:30am! 



Monday: Split Pea and ham

Tuesday: Bacon and white bean with sage

Wednesday: Creamy butternut squash

Thursday: Ham, bean & vegetable

Friday: Tomato basil


Daily Sandwiches: 

Ham + brie + pesto aioli

Smoked turkey breast + cranberry + goat cheese + arugula

Bacon + sun dried tomato pesto + aioli + arugula



Roasted beet salad with citrus and arugula 


Lunch specials:

Soup with housemade focaccia: 6.00 

Sandwich + salad + cookie: 7.50

Sandwich + soup: 8.50

Friday Only: Tomato Basil soup + cheesy brioche pull apart bun: 7.00