What happens in Vegas gets documented on your iphone and is then uploaded to the internet…

Karla (our vice president in charge of everything I’m not in charge of myself,) and I just spent three days deeply ensconced in the air conditioned (and humidity controlled) comfort of an extremely fancy (think millions of dollars of equipment) Las Vegas confections factory.

Because we’re keenly aware that we don’t know everything, we like to go to places to learn things. It keeps us inspired and fresh and always thinking. PLUS, it’s incredibly fun to work in a different kitchen - check out the ingredients, handle the gadets (hello rows of Robot Coupes and infrared thermometers!) and study the working styles of residents of foreign lands.

Our trip to Vegas allowed us to use a chocolate tempering machine that keeps white chocolate AND milk chocolate at a constant tempered state. PLUS a chocolate enrobing machine. PLUS a spray booth and those cool air brush guns that spray out a fine mist of colored cocoa butter.

Basically we were Charlie Bucket (and Grandpa Joe) showing up at Willy Wonka’s doorstep, being ushered inside by Oompa Loompas and then being put to work by Wonka himself.

Plus, we perfected a recipe for gumdrops. Using Oregon berries. This is something worth celebrating. Truly.

And these are the photos we took to document our adventure. As you can see, we did a lot. And (thankfully) none of it involved the Las Vegas strip.