Union Way: connecting Ace Hotel to Powell’s Books. We can’t wait to see the finished space! (Note: This is NOT literally an underground tunnel between Ace and Powell’s—it is ground level, in the block that separates them, but still very exciting.)

This gorgeous hallway is home to QUIN - the candy shoppe we’re opening on July 1! 



Union Way: connecting Ace Hotel to Powell’s Books. We can’t wait to see the finished space! (Note: This is NOT literally an underground tunnel between Ace and Powell’s—it is ground level, in the block that separates them, but still very exciting.)

This gorgeous hallway is home to QUIN - the candy shoppe we’re opening on July 1!

Au Revoir, Le Facebook.

We did it. We liberated ourselves from Facebook.

The Saint Cupcake employees charged with the updating and the liking and the posting and the picturing are now freed up to do other things. Not better things, mind you, but other things.

Like getting out from behind a computer screen and getting in front of our favorite customers. Or pushing a cute cart overflowing with ice cream treats down the street. Or making short videos detailing our behind the scenes antics (!!!). Or showing up when you least expect it - in the middle of a crowd - with treats for all.

Basically, all the time we were spending with our customers virtually meant we were spending a lot less time with them ACTUALLY. And we want you to like us for real - not just virtually. We want to see you with our own eyes, not just through a computer screen. We want to hand you a treat across our counter, not simply show you a picture of that treat.

We want to be real friends. Not pretend friends.

So while we know some of you Facebook diehards just won’t get it, we want you to know that we do get it. We get it so much that it hurts.

We still love you as much as we always have. It’s just that now we won’t send you an update about it.



We’ve got a lot going on here in bakery land, but I wanted to take a quick break to share with you a string of emails between us and a wedding customer of ours.

When we cater weddings we offer rentable cake stands along with the sweets. The catch is that you can’t destroy the stand and you MUST return it within our timeline so that the next client on the list to use it may do so. This, for 8 long years, has gone along swimmingly…until last week. We had a stand returned to us 9 days late and completely destroyed. The client signed a contract stating they’d return the stand to us the day after their wedding and that the stand would be in acceptable condition. It was late. And we deemed it destroyed. Just as the contract stated we could do. So, being a small business who doesn’t have cash to throw around, we charged the client’s credit card for the price to replace the stand.

And that’s when it all went crazy.

Now, for your reading pleasure, the emails regarding the situation:

Hi Jami,

1st, let me say that the cupcakes you supplied for our wedding and the sales and delivery process handled by Claire we’re absolutely exemplary.
Unfortunately, I’m writing you about an unfortunate situation with the cupcake stand we rented.  I’ve been trying to resolve the problem amicably with Jennifer Batchelor, but without success.  Please see the email thread below.
I’m hoping that you will be able to step in and help.  The cupcake stand was in no way damaged — not even a scratch.  We carefully cleaned it and because it came appart easily when we attempted to move it, we gently disassembled it for transport back to your St. Cupcake Galore location.  Apparently that was a mistake on our part, but I think it was an understandable and easily remedied mistake.  As soon as I heard that there was a problem, I offered to come over and assemble the stand to quickly return it to the same fine condition in which it was delivered to us.
Jennifer refused this offer and has charged our credit card for the full replacement cost of the stand.  I find that very inappropriate and have disputed the charge with our credit card company.
Also, since the stand was returned disassembled, I’m happy to pay the late fee of $25 as stated in the contract.  I just don’t think it’s fair to have to pay to have the entire stand replaced when it’s not damaged at all.
Thank you for your consideration.  We have friends and family getting married over the next year and would really like to be able to recommend your services to them.
The Angry Groom

Hi Angry Groom,
Sorry to hear about your troubles with the cupcake stand contract.
The problem here is twofold: first, the stand was returned 9 days late. We made repeated attempts to contact you. We had the stand booked out to another wedding. We had to purchase a new stand so that we could fulfill an obligation to other customers. Had the stand been returned to us from you at the agreed upon time (stated in the contract and signed by you,) then this would not have been an issue. 

And then the stand is eventually returned to us, in a paper grocery bag. Your wedding ribbon still adhered, and in pieces. We had the stand built for us - to our sturdy and stout specifications - and in no way whatsoever was it meant to be disassembled. 

I appreciate your offer to reassemble the damaged stand, but that isn’t what the contract stated. We never agreed that if you the customer returned the stand late, destroyed, that it would be acceptable for you to come and fix it for us. What we agreed was that you would return the stand ON TIME so that we’d be able to continue to do business with other customers and that you’d return it in a condition to make that possible. This you did not do. You did not hold up your end of the contract.

If your credit card company needs copies of the contract you signed please let us know and we will gladly provide them, with the sections pertaining to this situation clearly highlighted. 

We provide contracts for stand rentals so that our interests can be protected. And while it is disturbing and sad to read that your next step is to alter your friend’s and family’s perception of our business as a result of this situation, I have to accept that as your choice. But in the interest of Saint Cupcake, I really must stick to the contract you agreed to and signed.

Jami Curl

Insert several more emails here to our Weddings and Events Specialist. Also insert several Yelp reviews, Twitter comments and Facebook shout outs. All extraordinarily negative and not representative of the actual truth. The Angry Groom failed to do what he said he would - he signed a contract and he did not hold up his end of that contract yet wants me to bend over and take it. Sorry, Angry Groom. Not gonna happen.
Because there’s not enough time in this life to continue to go round and round with The Angry Groom and because his daily slanderous comments were starting to take a toll on my staff, I made the tough decision to refund his money. A cleansing. A burning of the sage. A ridding myself of his twisted lies.
The receipt detailing his refund was sent along with this letter:

Dear Angry Groom:

As you can see from the accompanying attachment, I refunded $220 to your credit card today, May 21, 2013.

 Make no mistake, we are well aware that we are under zero obligation to refund any amount of money to your card but are doing so because we can no longer afford the drain you are continuing to put on our resources both mental and otherwise. If you have any additional confusion as to the contract that you signed it is attached for your review.

 What is perhaps most unfortunate is the fact that you will take nothing away from this situation but the knowledge that incomplete truths, harassment and slander will get you exactly what you want.

I trust that this will be our final correspondence. In addition I request that emails to Jennifer Batchelor now cease as well.

Wishing you every happiness,

Jami Curl

Saint Cupcake

 NOTE: We DO NOT want the stand returned to us. Please keep it as a token of your wedding day and of the hours you spent spreading lies about the responsibilities you agreed to when signing our contract.


Note to humans: Take responsibility for your actions. It will make you a better person.

Spring is Springing…right?

Each year I need about a week to recover from Valentine’s Day. In my dreams this week is, basically, a staycation (I do laundry, clean out the fridge, reorganize my office. I find all of the clothes in my kid’s closet that are two years too small for him and donate them. I take sweaters to the dry cleaner. I stock my freezer with soups. I sleep.) I fantasize about this leisure time like most people dream about a week on the beaches of Hawaii. I know what you’re thinking. (I’m crazy.) And it’s true. I’m pretty much only accustomed to working. When given the choice of relaxing on a beach or organizing my home closets, I’ll always pick the closets. 

This, er, personality trait is handy when you’re running a business. It’s even handier when you run a business that relies on your ability to continuously come up with new candies and treats and flavors for your hungry bakery fanatics. (See, it’s totally fine that I’m a freak. I can blame it on work!)

Spring is around the corner and instead of resting I’m putting the finishing touches on a couple of new recipes. Coffee & orange caramels with smoked salt (inspired by LucLac.) Buttered popcorn caramels (inspired by how much I miss going to the movies.) New flavors of Sour Supremes (cherry and lemon.) And a black tea ice cream that will be sandwiched between sparkly lemon butter cookies. 

We’re also getting ready for Easter. All sorts of perfect-for-your-Easter-Basket treats are in the works. Plus our always amazing packaging will be just as amazing as always. Maybe even better.

And since we’re discussing Easter I might as well push it a little and tell you that we’re working on fantastic chore coupons for Mother’s Day - mom can redeem the coupons for around-the-house chores. I can hardly wait to cash in on some laundry folding and dishwasher unloading!

Not exactly the staycation of my dreams, but at least it’s something!

Time to get back to work.

As usual, thanks for all of your support - and stay tuned for the debut of our latest creations.

- the jc

Valentine’s Day 2013

It’s almost here! The day of hearts and roses and sweet nothings and…ninjas?

Our Valentine’s Day offerings are pretty much over the top this year: Cupcakes with black hearts, cupcakes with red hearts, cupcakes coming out of our ears (this place is covered in folded boxes, you should see it.)

Then there’s candy: Caramels in pink boxes, lollipops in special bouquets, bags and bags of the sweet stuff all decked out in their Valentine best.

And then there are the cookies: Heart cookies with messages of love. Heart cookies with messages of unlove (they’re really funny! And perfect for that person in your life who is all ‘bah-humbug’ about Valentine’s Day.) And then, THEN! Valentine Ninjas! With tiny hearts instead of throwing stars. They’re amazing. 

All this deliciousness is available at both our SW Morrison location and our SE Belmont location. It’s not too late to place a special order for any of it. Plus we’ll be open and ready for VD2013 - come by and see us! 

Get a load of these: 

True love indeed.

Sniffle Slayer

Now, I’m not claiming to be any sort of medical expert. No way, no how. But I do know that I have seen miracles as a result of people chugging giant steaming cups of hot cider mixed with ginger, lemon and cayenne. And while I normally steer clear of people with colds so bad that they need to subject themselves to this sweaty endeavor, this year I’ve been paying special attention to the experience. And I turned all that special attention into candy.

Behold! The Sniffle Slayer. It’s a lollipop. It contains sugar. It contains my hopes that all your colds get better. It contains cayenne pepper that makes your nose area feel less restricted. It contains ginger and lemon and honey and apple cider that make you feel like you feel better even if you don’t feel better. But at the end of the day it is indeed C A N D Y. Because, seriously people, I am not a chemical factory churning out cold remedies that are based in medical science. I am just a lady who likes sugar and who enjoys making treats for people. Especially treats that make people feel better - even for a minute.

And while there is no cure for the common cold you might as well make the journey to wellness a little more fun by picking up a Sniffle Slayer. Suck on it, stir it into hot tea. Mix it into a Hot Toddy. Whatever it takes to feel better, you know?

PS: special thank you to the WW for taking my endeavors in sugar so seriously. Whoa!

Winter Lunch Menu Revisited

Oh my goodness! We made it! We survived the holidays! (And by we I mean all of us - You! Me! Your mother in law! My mother in law! Even uncle Jeff and aunt Sue!*) It’s over!

The last of our decorations finally came down yesterday. The last of the foil-wrapped chocolate Santas were eaten last night. I’m tucking the box flaps over this holiday season and packing it away ‘til next year, and I couldn’t be happier.

Here at the bakery? The holidays are behind us and we’re focusing on making you lunch. Delicious lunches. Screw-the-resolution lunches. In-a-hurry lunches. Sit-and-stay-a-while lunches. Even I’m-on-a-diet lunches. We’ve got what your January needs.

See here:

Turkey + pear + brie + radicchio
Bacon + smoked cheddar + house aioli + cabbage
Sun dried tomato + pesto aioli + parm

Kale dressed with lemon and parmesan

Monday: red lentil & coconut (vegan)
Tuesday: Bacon and white bean with sage
Wednesday: Creamy butternut squash (vegetarian)
Thursday: Ham, bean & vegetable
Friday: Classic Tomato (vegetarian)

Plus a variety of cookies and bars to make your lunch complete (and I’ve heard a rumor that if you eat kale and a cookie at lunch the cookie doesn’t count.)

Can’t escape the office? We deliver!
Wish we could cater your next meeting? We can!

Here’s how it works:
You call us. We answer the phone. Together we discuss the options. You pay. We deliver the lunch of your dreams (complete with dessert!) It seriously could not be easier.
Mean it.

Call! Now! 503-997-3674 or 503-916-9835.

*don’t have an Uncle Jeff or an Aunt Sue? Simply remove those names and add in your own. Maybe Uncle Jerry or Aunt Debbie? Or Uncle Steve and Aunt Marsha? Or… or…


People, I am up to my elbows in sugar and butter and heavy cream. I recently introduced a line of confections at the bakery, and I have been on one long sugar high ever since. My caramels have been especially popular lately - to keep up with the demand most days of the week I’m making 60 or so…

Hey there, Saint Cupcake fans! Did you know the secrets to our famous caramels was recently published in The Oregonian? True story! Now you can make caramel at home…follow this link to the best sugar high, ever!



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Saint Cupcake’s Jami Curl and Ambonnay’s David Speer are joining forces on Thursday, December 13th to host an event full of holiday cheer. For only $45 guests will enjoy bites from Saint Cupcake and four Ambonnay sparkling pours from 7:30 until 9:30. Ladies, this is the excuse you have been looking for to buy that holiday dress and get your partner out of those rain boots!

Jami has been famously satisfying Portlanders with sweet and savory creations since 2005. Everything from her cookies and candies to brioche buns and pies are made using all natural ingredients highlighting Oregon’s bounty season to season. With over 10 years experience, noted sommelier David Speer opened Ambonnay in 2011 bringing Portland its first and only bar exclusively featuring champagne and sparkling wine. David also owns Red Slate Wine Company and works as a private sommelier helping his clients develop the personalized wine collections of their dreams.

The two join forces this holiday season as Jami prepares both sweet and savory bites while David pours four glasses of bubbles. For reservations please call Saint Cupcake at (503) 997-3674 or Ambonnay at (503) 575-4861.


107 SE Washington St
Portland, OR 97214  


Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Tiny Pies
Boizel Brut Reserve NV Champagne

Teeny Tiny Ham and Havarti Tarts with Whole Grain Mustard
RH Coutier Brut Tradition NV Champagne

Bonbonbunbuns Croquembouche
A. Margaine Demi Sec NV Champagne

Assorted Candies
Elio Perrone Bigaro 2011